Best Parenting Blogs for Every Mom and Dad to Read

Last Updated: 16/04/2023

Parenting is rewarding but challenging. Where do you find reliable guidance without being overwhelmed?

Too much information, too little time. You need real-life advice from experienced parents, not just theories.

We've got you covered with the best parenting blogs for practical tips, honest stories, and expert insights for every stage. Newborns to teenagers, we've got the answers you seek.

Dive in and explore our curated list of top-notch blogs packed with valuable lessons to help you raise happy, healthy, and confident kids. Let's tackle parenthood together!

36 Top Parenting Blogs

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Alpha Mom - Your Pregnancy and Parenting Blog

Alpha Mom is a lifestyle brand for moms and mothers-to-be, offering advice on baby-related topics. Check out their product reviews, recipes to cook with your kids before they leave home, and DIY crafts like dragonfly hairpins or graduation flower bouquets. They also have free printable Valentine's Day cards and Lunar New Year decorations. Need dinner ideas? Find meal kit delivery services reviewed by experienced family cooks in addition to healthy snack options that picky eaters love.

Child Development Info

Get expert parenting tips and advice from this site. Discover the most effective parenting styles that'll transform your home! No matter how old or challenging, learn practical ways to become a more confident parent with help from child psychologists and experts in various fields such as self-esteem building, conflict resolution, teaching children responsibility & much more. Find helpful insight on managing different ages, including teenagers, and learn about key developmental stages through highly recommended books available here too!

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Janet Lansbury

An early childhood expert helms. For parents looking for experts, this blog is for parenting tips. Through articles and podcasts, learn how to overcome common parenting challenges, from discipline to communication.

Love Tazza

Love Taza is a family and lifestyle blog with personal photos, stories, and everyday musings. The site shares heartfelt experiences of raising three children in Arizona while showcasing delicious food eats! Join the journey to follow their adventures on

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Creating a Family; infertility and adoption support and resources

A blog supporting adoptive, foster & kinship families. Covers topics like picky eaters or substance exposure effects. Helps parents prepare for their adoption journey and tackle challenges in raising an adopted child from a different race or culture. Partnered with Jockey Being Family charity to provide helpful articles on various issues adoptive families face. Features a search bar tool for easy navigation of content archives!

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Duggar Family Blog

On the Duggar Family Blog, you will find oodles of information about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their nineteen delightful kids, including news updates, recipes, and episode times and summaries of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting."

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Hand in Hand Parenting

The Hand in Hand Parenting Blog - expert advice, tips, and insights on gentle parenting. Discover effective ways to handle tantrums, build a connection with your child, and tackle challenging behavior.

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What Moms Love

Discover What Moms Love, your go-to lifestyle blog for busy moms. Find expert reviews, gift guides, kid-friendly recipes, and organization hacks for a stress-free parenting experience.

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Tales From the Nursery - Darcy and Brian

"Darcy and Brian" is a personal blog with tips on parenting, relationships, travel & recipes. From practical advice to heartfelt stories, they provide informative content for all readers seeking inspiration in various aspects of life.

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Nurture and Thrive

Nurture and Thrive Blog: Boosting child development through practical parenting advice. Expert-based tips, activities & resources for all parents at every stage. Improve your family's well-being now!

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Diary of a First Child

Discover Diary of a First Child, an insightful parenting blog focused on home education, engaging activities and inspiring study units. Empower your family with creativity and connection.

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U Me and the Kids

U, Me and the Kids by UK mom Rachel Hirst is a lifestyle, beauty, and parenting blog all in one. Find out more about home decorating, money-saving tips, fashion, and beauty.

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The Anti-June Cleaver

The Anti-June Cleaver is a blog for parents looking for help and advice. It shares parenting tips, product reviews, recipes, and lifestyle articles that aim to make life easier as a parent. With an emphasis on eco-friendly living and natural remedies, this site provides valuable information in an enjoyable way that resonates with busy moms everywhere!

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Parenting From The Heart

Parenting from the Heart Blog: Practical advice, tips & insights for positive parenting & emotional intelligence. Raise happy, resilient kids with resources from this blog.

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Parents with Confidence

Discover expert parenting tips at Parents With Confidence, a valuable resource for raising emotionally healthy children. Boost your child's self-esteem and foster lifelong success with practical advice from a licensed children's mental health professional.

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Nanny to Mommy

Nanny to Mommy is a parenting and lifestyle blog that offers product reviews, giveaways, and advice for moms. Get insights on pregnancy tips, baby gear essentials & more. Find honest opinions about family-friendly products with helpful details such as pros/cons rated in the writers' personal experiences.

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Sammy Approves

Sammy Approves is the digital platform of a homeschooling mom from Southern California. This blog offers stress-free and straightforward solutions to care for the family and run the household while homeschooling the kids. Learn about the life skills children should possess at different stages. Get to know positive parenting strategies, homeschooling resources, budgeting and work-from-home tips, delicious recipes, and more.

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Shifting The Focus Back To Parents

Discover all-inclusive parenting advice at ParentsNeed, your one-stop source for expert tips, product reviews, and helpful guides from pregnancy to teens. Make parenthood a breeze.

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Pregnancy Experts

Discover pregnancy insights and tips at The Gender Experts blog, covering gender prediction, prenatal health, baby showers, parenting advice, and postpartum care. Empowering new parents every step of the way.

The Kid Counselor

Looking for help with your child's mental health? The Kid Counselor offers expert insight and practical advice to support young people on their journey. Focusing on play therapy, we aim to deepen connections between kids and caregivers, working through issues like anxiety, ADHD, or trauma symptoms.

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Mama Challenge

MamaChallenge is your go-to source for family fun, food, and travel. Discover new experiences with easy-to-follow ideas perfect for busy moms. From recipes to road trips, they have it all!

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Single Mother Ahoy

Explore Single Mother Ahoy for valuable parenting tips, lifestyle advice, and spiritual growth insights. Empower your single-parent journey with inspiring content and practical solutions.

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Thrifty Momma Ramblings

Thrifty Momma Ramblings: Frugal Living & Money-Saving Tips for Busy Moms. Get practical advice and inspiration to help you live well on a budget.

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 Morgan's Milieu

Discover Morgan's Milieu, a parenting blog empowering stay-at-home moms with tips on self-care, organization, and finding guilt-free "me time." Improve your well-being and family life.

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Natural Parent Guide

Encouraging moms to follow their natural parenting instincts, including alternative education, homeschooling activities, and incorporating more art and nature in family life. Also, clean eating, gluten-free recipes, and green living tips.

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The Yorkshire Dad

The Yorkshire Dad Blog, a relatable UK daddy blogger sharing experiences with kids, golf, DIY, and life advice. Stay connected and inspired through fresh insights and tips for all parents.

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Dads Agree - A niche review site designed to help dads find the best products for their families. Product reviews are written by other fathers and include electronics, baby gear & outdoor equipment. Updated frequently with new content!

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Geek Mamas

Geek Mamas: Discover parenting with a geeky twist, featuring video game reviews for kids, cosplay ideas, and unique tips on navigating motherhood in today's tech-savvy world.

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Mama Dews Reviews

Mama Dews is the parenting blog of a Texas mom with three kids. Read on tips on how to homeschool a child with autism. Find some recipes, product reviews, and gift guides for kids and parents.

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The Stroller Site

Discover the perfect stroller at The Stroller Site, your ultimate destination for top-rated baby and toddler strollers. Compare, review, and find jogging, lightweight, double strollers and more, all expertly curated by fellow moms.

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