Best Fitness Blogs You Should Read to Stay in Shape

Last Updated: 21/12/2022

Everyone uses fitness in different ways. Whether you’re jumping on the latest trend, trying to fulfill your New Year’s resolution, or you have a fitness goal you’re trying to reach, good fitness blogs can help you achieve your goals. Whether you work out at a gym or you prefer to exercise solo at home, the right advice can keep you motivated to keep going with useful tips, helpful advice, and even specific workout routines.

Not everyone’s goals are the same. One exercise or diet plan won’t work for everyone. That’s why we bring together some of the world’s best fitness blogs offering a range of ideas and methods to help you reach your goals.

Let our top fitness blogs help guide you on your quest.

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Fitbit Blog

Read the Fitbit blog to learn how to use your device and stay fit & healthy. Get tips on injury prevention, healthy eating, and lifestyle changes. Discover product recommendations or save on groceries without skimping on nutrition. Boost brain function with recipes that promote mental strength and longevity. Read success stories and learn about lowered heart rates and removed stress levels.

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Muscle and Fitness

Transform your body with Muscle & Fitness, the ultimate source for workouts and nutrition tips. Get shredded in 28 days, or target specific muscles with over 1,000 exercises. Learn from athletes like Paddy Pimblett and Michael B. Jordan to improve mental health and motivation.

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is a fitness website that helps nerds and average Joes lose weight, get stronger, and live better. It offers low-calorie, delicious recipes and programs workouts in Nerd Fitness Coaching. They also provide tips for making meals delicious, using only a few common spices, and bodyweight workout routines that don't require gym memberships. The blog also offers the Nerd Fitness Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) Calculator, a step-by-step weight-loss plan using your TDEE, and a guide to the Paleo Diet.

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Breaking Muscle

Transform your body with BreakingMuscle: tough-hitting workout plans, expert advice, and cutting-edge reviews. Reach your fitness goals: exercise, health, and nutrition plans for beginners to veterans. Stay ahead with the latest advice.

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Beachbody On Demand

We help people transform their lives physically, mentally & financially. Founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler & Jon Congdon, Beachbody--hq'd in Santa Monica, CA--provides users w/ a comprehensive approach to fitness, nutrition & support for an overall healthier lifestyle. Try us & unlock your true potential.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls shakes up the fitness world: real women offer practical and realistic advice to help love your body. Not just 'do this and lose 10 pounds', but empowering tips anyone can use.

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The Fitnessista

The Fitnessissta: Passionate about healthy eating & working out; shares honest, easy-to-understand content. Encourages women to take control & have fun. Posts on breast thermography, Pilates reviews, weight loss coaching, and more. Offers free resources to help readers reach their goals.

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Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra

Live better: fashion, food, fitness, and travel blog to help you find joy, no matter what life throws. Get advice from the blogger sharing her journey with incurable cancer, inspiring fitness tips, and delicious cocktails.

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BroScience: Experience, expertise & knowledge all in one. Get your muscle-building & fat loss questions answered by bodybuilding experts. Meet Dr. Dave Hopper - chiropractor, health & fitness expert, inventor, & former pro-athlete. His passion is family, living & working in the Chicago suburbs. Get the answers you need today.

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Fitness Tips for Life

Bill founded Fitness Tips for Life to help people live healthier lives. Experienced in competitive tennis & other sports, he now bikers & lifts weights, plus shares tips on nutrition, exercise & motivation--all to help you get fit and live your best life.

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Decide To Stay Fit

Find fitness tips for Beachbody products like P90X, Insanity, Rev Abs, Turbo Jam, and many more.

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Trail Running Blog

Blog about training for races with workouts, stretches, and product reviews.

Read about trail running at the University of California San Diego campus trails, end-of-summer runs to the beach, trail running adventures to waterfalls, and Des Moines trail runs. It includes GoPro videos, running interviews, race photos, and a Brooks I.D. program.

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Sarms Army Blog

SARMs Army: Canada's #1 supplier of muscle-building, fat-burning SARMs. Helping you reach your peak physique & recommended by medical professionals for treating bone density issues. Get the extra boost on your wellness journey, today!

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TrendToFit offers smart hacks for a healthier life, from manageable workouts to nutrient-rich diets. Stay informed on the latest science-backed fitness trends & get trustworthy product reviews. Be in control of your physical & mental health and make wise lifestyle choices!

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Actlive Life

Change your body, mind, and mood with Actlive Life's monthly fitness box - specially designed to help every woman on their journey to self-care. Take just 15 minutes and see the difference - improved health, happiness, and positive vibes.

Fitness Boot Camps In Boise

Learn tried and true ways of getting and staying toned up, burning body fat, and possibly pick up on some nutrition tips and tricks.

Remember, fitness is not all about your body. It is about how you feel and being around energized people looking for some of the same things. GOOD FOR YOU!!!

Our workouts are based on the Tabata system high-intensity work with short breaks, which turbocharges your metabolism for 24 to 48 hours AFTER your workout. Regular aerobics do not even come close, even at twice the time.

Learn more about Tabatas here from Joe. This shows some examples of what we do in our classes at A Warriors Way.

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Workout Nutrition to Boost HGH and Test Hormones Naturally

An informative blog on how to increase human growth hormone and testosterone levels the natural way with workout and bodybuilding supplements. Safe products for fitness and bodybuilding: peptides, boosters, sprays reviewed and compared.

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Simon Niklaus is a Swiss soldier, a fitness lover, and a passionate martial artist. Read his blog on

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The Best Workout Equipment

Work wiser, not harder, with The Workout Equipment. Get the latest, best-rated equipment, supplements, diets, exercises and expert reviews. Achieve your fitness goals in a smarter, faster way.

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Gavin Walsh - Fitness & Fat Loss Delivered With Banter

Body Fixers help men & women make health and fitness a long-term lifestyle. Get the flat, firm belly you desire. Achieve weight loss goals with tips & success stories. No more excuses. Live better. Get results.

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If you are a man looking to become the strongest version of yourself, build muscle, and become Alpha!

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Fit Bob

Lose weight, get fit, and be flexible with science: Break larger goals into measurable, time-limited micro-goals, change behaviors one at a time, and hold yourself accountable with Fitbit! My ebook, "Fitbit Your Future," helps you start small and build lasting habits. Get up and get moving now!

Discover the latest in fitness, tech, reviews, and how-tos. Get pro tips on workout routines and boosting your physical & mental health. We cover the hottest gadgets, products and breakthroughs, giving you all you need to stay informed.

Fit Dads Over 40

For busy dads 40+ looking to stay fit and balance dad duties with work-life balance: blog articles, eBooks, free workout logs, calculators, charts, recipes, interviews, product reviews, discounts, dad jokes & more: all tailored to the unique needs of this age group.

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